Hideo Kojima couldn’t attend Game Awards but Why?

This might stun you, but yes, it’s true. The creator of one of the biggest game franchises ‘Metal Gear Solid, Hideo Kojima, was stopped by Konami to attend the game awards despite being this year’s winner.

Hideo Kojima couldn't attend Game Awards but Why?

Japenese Game Designer Hideo Kojima couldn’t attend Game Awards that’s the motive of KONAMI:

Metal Gear Solid- The Phantom Pain won the best action-adventure game award and its creator Hideo Kojima was invited to attend the awards but he was nowhere to be found in the arena and it was revealed later that he was restricted by the lawyers from going to the awards and news are that the game publishers KONAMI were behind this which of course wasn’t a good gesture from them.

When the host, Geoff Keighley was asked the possible for Hideo Kojima not attending the awards he stated, “Mister Kojima had every intention of being with us tonight, but unfortunately he was informed by a lawyer representing Konami just recently that he would not be allowed to travel to tonight’s award ceremony to accept any awards.

He further added to his words by saying that “He is still under an employment contract and that’s very disappointing”.

One of the game’s crew Kiefer Sutherland, who played the voice of Big Boss in the game had to receive the award on Kojima’s behalf.

What could be a possible reason for KONAMI to stop Hideo from attending the awards? Well, that is still a mystery and it really astonishes people because it is something that has happened in the time and these things are not likely to happen and since awards always are an honor so everyone goes for them.

The KONAMI and Kojima Controversy:

Hideo Kojima is set to leave KONAMI by the end of this year so we can clearly smell something fishy here and KONAMI has said that they have plans to continue making Metal Gear Solid even without Kojima but Kojima hasn’t commented on this issue yet.

Being gamers, we all wish for good relations between KONAMI and Kojima because both of them together provided us with awesome metal gear solid franchise and we don’t want to see that fell apart due to the misunderstandings that have happened due to a reason we don’t know.


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