NVIDIA upgrading the GTX 965M in Q1 2016, adding ~15% performance:

It seems NVIDIA lastly going to give a slight touch to its already released plush GTX 965M line codenamed “N16E-GR”, so it will provide a much better room in Overclocking, providing much extra speed in heavy processing functions, easy to run heavy programs and makes it a real beast by adding a fresh chipset. Although, we can say that “its not a slight touch by NVIDIA rather it has been a full touch!”

NVIDIA upgrading the GTX 965M in Q1 2016, adding ~15% performance

Now when it comes towards its specification, its totally outlast as initially it came with old GM204 chipset with codenamed “N16E-GS”. It’s Base clock further boosted up to 950MHz so now it is more than enough to run heavy programs, Boost clock gives lift up form 1151MHz to 1175MHz , the 128-bit memory bus leads to 80GB/Sec memory bandwidth, with 4GB of GDDR5 VRAM. Furthermore, in newly revealed benchmarks demonstrating clearly that the performance is boosted performance by almost 15%. The TDP will be just under 50 Watts.

The question arises here is that what was the actual need that Nvidia is just going to give an increment to its Geforce GTX 965M. Is is the competition? Or Nvidia is going to re-brand all the Mobile GPUs. Well definitely we do want to see the Pascal NVIDIA mobility GPUs.



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