Microsoft will continue investment in X-Box consoles:

There were rumors that Microsoft are no longer interested in making X-Box consoles in future but rumors are called rumors because they can’t be true and Microsoft are committed to Xbox.

The official statements from Microsoft state completely opposite and good news is that they will continue investing in the X-Box consoles in the future.

Microsoft committed to Xbox

So what is the real story?

The Boss Phil Spencer quoted that “Gaming consoles are a core part of the Microsoft strategy and company will continue investing in them in the future”. This could be regarded as a good proof that Microsoft are committed to Xbox.

Gamers had an idea that since Microsoft are providing X-Box one games for Windows 10 PCs, they presumed that it was because that their business is not good enough on Xbox one console which is not very true.

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While releasing Xbox one in 2013, Microsoft came to face many problems in which $500 price tag which was $100 more than their rivals Sony and their focus on television really angered the gamers and that’s why these things affected their sales.

But Phil Spencer seems a guy of commitment, as he said that they have learned many things from their past mistakes and they’re not going to repeat them. He further added to his words by saying that we are 100% committed to our Xbox console and this is what Xbox is all about, Gaming. Phil Spencer was interviewed by The Verge and he had many things to say.

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Phil Spencer also said that we will see another console from them because biggest part of their earning in games comes from the Xbox and they will surely love to provide their users with another console in future and all other devices that they are going to release in the future related to gaming. This shows this guy’s 100% commitment to what they have for us to provide in the future.

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