We are very well aware of the most recent tragedy occurred in Paris which executed many innocent lives and ISIS, ISIL or Daesh whatever you like to say has the blame for this incident. The whole act was indeed cruel and we all must condemn it. The hatred is spreading in a rapid rate and people are doing many abusive campaigns towards the Jihadi Groups. One of the groups known as Anonymous managed an activity to provoke the ISIS and all from States and Europe are invited to perform as they please in this Heckle Hacking Community, but you know who else have been targeted beyond ISIS?
Donald Trump because of his Anti-Muslim conversations.

Hackers Waged War Against The Mighty Donald Trump

A spokesman asked Trump about his wish to forbid all Muslims to enter the States and suggested him that this decision will only make the scenario worst and the unwanted anger would strengthen ISIS. But Trump Strongly refused his suggestion and stated to be foolish in reply reported said him, “You Have Been Warned.”

Hackers Waged War Against The Mighty Donald Trump:

And after some time the website “trump towery” got hacked by the hacker group and remained down for several hours, It was confirmed by the tweet that site was actually hacked. Later on, Trump declared a full ban on Muslims from the States. According to Trump, he can’t figure out what’s causing the whole hate feeling between America and ISIS, He is unaware of the source producing the output and he also thinks people who kill people in the name of Jihad has no sense of humanity.

Donald is being criticized and flamed in anger for his extremist politics even republicans went against him and huge community is now standing united against Trump, the formal spokesman was right it is making the whole situation even worse, Anonymous the hacker community waged a war against him for his extreme politics and it does not end here, there are many more standing against this Republican.

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