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Have you ever heard the word GMO? If your answer is no you visited the right place. For years this topic has been targeted for many debates and people are making it, even more, controversial by adding their own theories and Myths. Are these dangerous? why are being used? If farmers are deciding to kill us or it is some other sort of conspiracy.

GMO  What Do It Mean:

We Humans always want more from less, in simple words, it’s been a long time science has been extracting desired traits from the DNA of one species and planting it in the other species to ultimately make a product enhance the characteristics, GMO is the same thing, but significantly more related to plant kingdom, for example a fruit without seed, crops resistant to insects and harsh environment, more output ratio with less fertilizers being used. Still confused?let me tell you in a language for dummies. Consider two girls one is tall and other is cute and you are one ugly looking dwarf, you took genes from the DNA of both girls and stored them in your own DNA suddenly you turned into a cute tall princess. Something similar is done by experts and in the result, you get a new improved version of a plant.

The scope of GMO is extremely wide you can extract from any of irrelevant species and produce a result, according to your desire, for example, bacteria correctly gone through the process of GMO can produce insulin, which saves numerous lives of diabetic people, Likewise many medicines are being developed through this advance biotechnology.

What is GMO

Some Necessities Of GMO:

Now comes the fact why we really need this enhanced way of manipulating species, the most major need would be to decrease the hunger among people according to surveys after 10-20 years we might need 60%-70% more food for the living beings so how we will achieve it? One of the ways would be to destruct majority of our forests and grow crops in an excess amount, but at the same time, it would destroy habitats of millions of organisms. I won’t jump into details, but this method is totally flawed and unacceptable, GMO comes in handy in this case scenario which tends to be the most accurate and efficient method of exterminating hunger and to produce such crops which may survive upcoming harsh climate, insects and crop diseases.

Allow me to give you an example the ‘Golden Rice’ is a type created by two genes, one from daffodil and other from soil bacterium, this golden rice provides enough Vitamin A to population, hence preventing from blindness according to surveys more than 250 million kids in the world lacks the required amount of Vitamin A in their body resulting in death and blindness another amazing thing you might not know is that around 83 percent of corn used in the United States in genetically modified which deals with the cholesterol problems.

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