Apple under threat of Malware attacks from Cyber Mafia:

Cyber hackers for an unknown reason seem very angry on Apple. Security experts have predicted increased number of attacks on Apple in 2016 from hackers and called it a great threat for Apple.

And it’s not just a matter of future, Cyber hackers are already attacking Apple’s devices and according to experts, they are likely to be increased by 2016.

There have been a double number of malware attacks on Apple’s iOS and Mac devices in the running year and it doesn’t seem like the hackers are ever going to stop.

Apple under threat of Malware attacks from Cyber Mafia

Experts don’t seem surprised though because according to them Apple’s products are very famous and being attacked by Cyber criminals is not something out of this world and it was likely to happen.

Symantec has said that the number of attacks on Apple will multiply by the time though they are still less than attacks on Windows and Androids.

Last year’s statistics is something that are worth worrying since they were between 10,000 to 70,000 and this can’t be taken lightly, says Apple owners. All the employees have been warned to double their efforts to protect the system for all these invasions from the Cyber hackers.

The number of infected unique OS X computer devices was seven times higher than they were in 2014 which is everything but a matter of extreme concerns for the company since being the most popular they are not likely to withstand all these attacks and if they fail to do something massive to protects themselves from all this, they’re going to get hit even harder.

Symantec has also come to know about Jailbroken devices of Apple’s mobile iOS which are facing severe threats and they also have got the news that the attackers are targeting more at the places where the Mac is under use.

So this is going to be interesting that what does Apple do against this Mafia? Of course, only time will tell the answers.

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