Turkey imposed a penalty of 33000 pounds on twitter – Hmm Why is it so?

Turkish officials on the social networking site imposed a penalty of 33000 pounds on ‘Twitter’ on their failure to remove the ‘Terrorist Propaganda’ against the Turkish government. This is the first time that somebody has been imposed such penalty on twitter.

The authorities did not tell many details about the content of what really happened and why did they imposed such penalty. BBC has learned that the penalty is a political account, which is critical of the Turkish government and they had to it since they got failed in removing terrorist propaganda against the Turkish government.

Turkey imposed a penalty of 33000 pounds on twitter but, why?

Twitter did not comment in this regard. Official declared that they still don’t what are motives of Turkish government behind this.

It was not the first time that the social networking site has created problems with the Turkish authorities. The Turkish government had sent many warning regarding removing the terror content from the twitter, but they didn’t give an ear to that and eventually got charged 33000 pounds.

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We should know that Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan was personally not in favor of the social media and he had also quoted that “Social media is a knife in the hand of a murderer” and he said that he never liked to tweet. But the things have changed and he finally started using twitter by the name of @RT_Erdogan and now twitter is his primary communication media with the people.

Turkey in April this year, a public prosecutor hostage by armed men to share the image of the country after a court order to ban Facebook and Twitter were both blocked.

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In April this year, Turkey also blocked access to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube over the publication of images of a Turkish prosecutor killed by leftist militants during a hostage standoff.

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