Some GMO Facts You May Not Know:

I bet you already know what GMO is and how it works, if you don’t know refer to this article. Because I’ll evaluate some facts about Genetically Modified Organism in this article.
GMO Still Not Approved To Be Safe Yet:

 GMO Facts

Mostly people are well aware of the fact that this modification is done for human benefit and produces well-characterized stuff in an efficient method, but surprisingly this whole process of cultivating specific trait is not considered to be 100 percent safe and there are several reasons for it. Firstly scientists are not fully confident that it may not have any side effect and may not harm any sort of metabolism in our bodies. It’s quite obvious when we are ingesting a food which is synthesized by humans there are some possibilities of errors and miscalculation which may unwillingly cause dreadful results. Consider a wheat which is resistant to harsh diseases, so what if somehow it turns into a dangerous bacteria-based disease and we might not able to cure it because of its resistant nature. The real case is not exact as I wrote, but I’m trying to be simple for nongeeky readers. Many think GMO to be good and many believe it as a drastic danger.

What Makes It So Special:

There are numerous things to be considered as astounding about GMO, but I’ll stick to simple and major ones:

  • Increased yield ratio
  • Less pesticide use
  • Farmers earnings are doubled
  • Resistant to harsh climate and environment
  • Grows rapidly with fewer fertilizers being use
  • Can contain required minerals and vitamins
  • More Fuel (more seeds making plants)
  • Reduced cholesterol levels
  • Long life without any preservations
  • Medical uses (insulin producing bacteria)

Bacteria And GMO:

As a standard being you may consider bacteria something evil which produces diseases and unhealthy situations but it’s half true by the proper application of genes transplanting can turn certain disease to its own cure, and this has been under practice for previous 100 years.

A team of scientist at Harvard and Yale made a bacteria with the totally new code of genes, it was the very first bacteria having all its genome re-designed, they also noticed some strange fact altering the production of protein can make a cell less prone to viral infection. This type of DNA engineering was never done before, they had a vision of biological factories which may produce an endless supply of medicines for viral diseases around the globe and they even wanted to make a whole new bio material. Certain bacteria are designed to consume carbon dioxide and produce butanol as a waste product, the same methods are being applied to reconstruct bacteria to use it as a bio-fuel which extracts carbon and other organic fuel resources. Use of this technique in vast scale can fulfill the need of energy and make the environment greener. Another team of Scientists at Vanderbilt University modified gut bacteria to produce such components which decrease the hunger in the human body and ultimately controls the problems related to obesity and cholesterol.

Now let’s move towards the controversies GMO holds in our society and some famous Myths

Myths And Controversies About GMO:

People get really angry of the fact that why are they not informed about the GMO food they buy, they really want to know and decide and what to eat and what to prevent so there should be a tag on GMO based food and crops. Now, why they want to label all the GMO product? the answer is they don’t trust this genome modifying technique and want to eat what nature has to offer them.
Health is a major factor of the controversies, the world thinks that scientists are trying to make us an experiment tool, and any miscalculation or error might cause death or unwanted diseases which are quite true as covered in the early phase of the article.
Farmers are forced to buy new seeds for the crops, by the help plants which does not produce fertile seeds and those plants die right after the completion of their fruit phase for the first time making them usable for only single time. This phenomenon is termed as terminating seed which is quite famous among farmer brotherhood.
Crops are made resistant to insects and diseases by modifying their genes, but it also makes plants known as a super weed which are totally resistant to herbicides causing problems in a huge scale.
It has been argued that GMO plants can affect the whole food chain, consider an animal who ingested the food, but those changes in genes made some sort of metabolism reaction/changes in the body of the animal and cultivated a dangerous viral disease, which would be more likely to spread rapidly through the whole ecosystem.
Everything has its own advantages and some disadvantages but it does not make it bad or good , it totally depends how the process/thing is being utilized by some precautions we can make GMO a great thing for humanity but a taste of evil or greed or any sort of miscalculations might produce devastating danger. Now let’s wait and see what world has to offer us and how this amazing technique would be manipulated.

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