Security experts on internet were seemed concerned but did you know why? Well that because of a malware that is creating a lot of tension to both, the security experts and its victims because how there could be a malware that blackmails.

What is Ransom Ware?

Ransom Ware: A Malware that blackmails

Ransom Ware is a computer virus that comes to your computer via spam emails and fake software updates.

And not just computer, this threat is increasing for mobile devices too as this could hide in the apps you use and when you open them, well then it’s an open ground of attack for the malware.
Gert-Jan Schenk, the vice president of the Internet Security Company said that this threat grows day by day and also said that they are doing their best to get rid of this virus as soon as they can.

Another here is that we can easily estimate the power of Cyber Mafia as this malware took birth in 2013 and still all the companies have failed to get rid of the evil.

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What does Ransom Ware do?

Ransom Ware block all your user files and then demands ransom money in order to your return your files back to you. It’s just like kidnapping your kid and demanding money as ransom that’s why it is named Ransom Ware.

This virus gets to your computer in the shape of a spam email or a fake software update and when you open that, it starts corrupting your files and a times comes when your user gets locked and it remains locked as long as you don’t pay the money.

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Who’s the Primary target of Ransom Ware?

Primary victims of this malware are the business men, because from them the criminals could get a lot of money and it was reported that 72% of the victims were business men. And it was very less in the past but as the time passes by, the Cybercrime is strengthening its roots day by day and the figure which was just 13% back in 2013, has now grown to 72%.

Now we shall see that how security companies get rid of a malware that blackmails.

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