Why Monsanto Is Super Evil Seed Maker:

Monsanto is one of the biggest GMO seed selling corporation that has been tagged as a major food supplier, the company uses the science of genes modification which enables them to produce such products which have comparatively huge profit and cons over the natural seeds. But why everyone hate Monsanto?

There have been many theories and conspiracies about the company and people simply call them as Seed Of Super Evil, this sounds little creepy but what exactly forced such a huge population to provoke enormous GM food suppliers. I’ll try to evaluate some reasons down here

Monsanto GMO

How Great Is Monsanto:

Seed patent was banned in the USA for many years but later in 1980’s Supreme court allowed it on several occasions, using the statement some companies spread their infrastructure to dominate the food industry and Monsanto was one of them.

Dupont, Dow, Bayer, and Monsanto were the highlighted names at the start but by time Monsanto became the leader in the world of GMO based seeds, it won around 675 biotechnology patents and dominated the scoreboard, Monsanto is the mainstream corporation for farming and biotechnological universe somehow every supplier and farmer are connected to it.

What Makes Monsanto GMO So Evil:

The ultimate cause for the downfall is the agreements and tactics what they impose on farmers and food suppliers, You are not allowed to re-seed by the seeds gained after harvesting your crops instead you have to buy new supply of roundup ready seeds which may cost you huge money and in addition to that you are not allowed to sell seeds to other farmers or anyone. Moral of the story no matter what you need to pay again every single time after you harvest. According to them saving of seed is against their laws and rules, re-sow license fee must be served to the company.

Lets Dig Some More About Monsanto GMO:

Agreements are not the worst, Monsanto uses a bit more of a Mafia technique to deal with their customers, after going through many incidents and research here are some noticeable things the Monsanto may do to their suspects:

You might get filmed by some secret investigator of them as an evidence.
These secret service provider may collect your information regarding business and farming from society or people you often communicate.
And most amazingly they might taunt and confront you in the fields and try to pressurize by every mean possible and many more cheap tactics are played to pressurize the situation by which many farmers suicide because they are not rich enough to fulfill their demands.
Many farmers who are under contract with Monsanto suppliers often face difficulties paying fees and when they don’t get enough earning and are unable to fulfill their basic need of life, they Suicide!
The cases of Farmers suicide is in devastating amount and most of the time victims were connected to Evil Monsanto.

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