Web Host company names Moon Fruit in view of the possible threat of Cyber Attack have shut down thousands of websites related to business and all other important stuff and that’s all due to these dangerous Cyber Attacks.

A Lot of Websites Gone Dismal – Dangerous Cyber Attacks:

Moon Fruit Company provides an easy hosting way to create a web site and their security protocols are not very powerful to protect the websites from dangerous Cyber Attacks for which there are certain reports that they could invade at any time.

dangerous Cyber Attacks
The company says it has been decided that due to the Cyber Attack thousands of websites may be offline for 12 hours or maybe more till we make sure that there is no longer a threat.
One entrepreneur told the BBC that it has happened at a very wrong time and they weren’t preparing for this sudden threat which is a matter of great concern for Moon Fruit as well as the website owners.
We should not forget that Moon Fruit already told us that they got attacked by an unknown source on the 10th of December and the threat is still not over.

The attack brought massive traffic on the company servers due to to which the servers are no longer responsive and Moon Fruit finally had to shut down the websites to save them from the further damage.
After that attack, the company told its customers that Web sites are being closed for 12 hours.
Race director de Val said the company’s delay in reporting it. Many people today would try to log on to their website, but the site will not be found, but they don’t need to worry because websites will be online as soon as they get over with the threat.
The company e-mail users in order to apologize for the inconvenience they had to face but also mentioned that it is for their own good and as soon as we get over with these dangerous Cyber Attacks, all the users will be able to continue work on their website.

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