GMO Labeling – Do Consumers Really Need A Choice ?

Knowing what are we eating is one of an essential thing which concerns a regular citizen, the trend of GMO-based food is increasing with rapid speed in our society and most of the time people unwillingly consume it.

GMO labeling, users need a choice

The debate hazard or safe GMO has been in progress for a long time but there are no certain proves that demonstrates pros and cons in a balanced ratio, so let’s keep this topic aside and focus on the concept GMO Labeling that might me unknown to most of us. I will try to evaluate the key-point by stating a fact which may ease down your concept. According to estimations 90 percent of commodity crops being used in the United States are the result of genes modifications and majority of the population are ignorant of this fact just because Industries don’t want them to know, And why are they keeping it a secret ? just because of undue fear which is common in public. There are some people who might know this food supply scenario and they also argue and demand a tag placed on GMO based food supplies.
All they want is a choice for what they eat, but somehow food industry don’t want to listen to them because the process of labeling food can greatly affect their sales performance and secondarily these genetically modified foods are costly than regular supplies, so who want to spend extra bucks for what they fear? I guess no one!

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There is some food labeling law being practiced in some countries, but the anticipation is literally in very minor, Mostly it’s being ignored and you know why is that?
Fear for what you don’t understand is part of nature, we are very well aware no evidence to support the danger of GMO has been found, but this can’t be simple interpreted in a society. In-fact GMO does not make a food dangerous what makes it hazardous is the process through which it has been gone and finalized as a consumer product. So, in reality, Labeling a food as GMO won’t tell a clue what Science is packed in this supply it’ll just draw the major audience away and ultimately reduce the sales performance.

Fear between consumers and suppliers are quite in the same amount and opposite so nothing can be done yet, but who knows about the future it won’t take time for the world to consider labeling of GMO as mandatory Law.

I really think people should be a given a fair open choice to decide what they want to buy and eat.

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