How HAARP Can Produce Earth Shakes And Tsunamis, Yes A Weather Machine !!

HAARP!!! Sounds funny right? but wait a second what if I tell you this word isn’t that cute as it looks, it technically means High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. I know there is lot of science in this word about frequencies, waves  and some program but I’ll try to explain it in reduced geeky way.

What is HAARP?

Haarp Disasters

Actually it is a research program powered by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency(DARPA), U.S Navy and Air Force, University Of Alaska and the designer/produce award is associated to BAE Advanced Technologies. This program’s aim is to experiment with ionosphere, A layer which is 60 miles above from the surface of the Earth and it expands 600 miles onwards, electromagnetic waves of very high frequencies are projected in the ionosphere and results are analyzed, in this way properties of ionosphere are studied.


You are now aware, what this research program actually do but I’m sure the reason behind it is still unknown to most of you. This whole process of projecting and bombarding high frequency electromagnetic waves actually tells how this ionosphere deals with waves and what pattern of propagation is processed because the study of these properties can make our communication system better , wireless internet , security broadcasting can be implemented with a better and efficient way.

If scientists are able to produce some good outputs the whole world can have a revolutionized communication and surveillance system.

Possible Threats And Conspiracies About HAARP:

This project seems to be a good approach towards modernizing our tech and infrastructure but by time, numerous controversies has been developed and the subject became more and more mysterious and mythical. According to HAARP officials this programs is nothing more than a radio science research program but accurate and full details still have been kept secret throughout whole this time. Scientists claims that firing of electromagnetic waves and intentional exciting of the ionosphere can cause devastating disaster such as Earth shakes and Tsunamis and this has been said by Dr. Nick Begich and Dr. Michel Chossudovsky of the University of Ottawa and Alaska’s.

Considering these dangerous facts people have created many theories how Military will start warfare using this wave firing tech , some people also say that this program is responsible for many Earth shakes and disaster occurred around the globe and by 2020 America will take over the surveillance of full globe.
And this sci-fi theories do not end here there are also some conspiracies how these Electromagnetic waves can be used to brainwash people and can make them to do whatever they want and these waves can also wipe out whole humanity by firing HF waves on human brains.

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