Best Gaming Headsets – 2015

Best Gaming Headsets

There are so many companies that are making  gaming mouses and mechanical keyboards, now the time has come for headsets. Now the question arises which gaming headsets are best for gaming  and are not overly-expensive?

The answer is simply in the recommendations by the PCGamers on the headsets according to their requirements.


A headset with good design looks stylish and easy to fit on the head. It should be durable and it should give prestine sound quality.


Many people think why buy a gaming headset when a decent headphone gives sound and a standalone microphone for speaking purpose. But there is a difference that a gaming headset can give all-round sound experience as well as for music and movies. Gaming headset’s sound quality is tested on various games such as Battlefield 4, Rainbow 6 seige and also on movies and music sounds. Gaming headsets also provide good all-round surround sound, which is good.


Different people have different budgets according to their needs. So here we will list some of the best headphones in the market for their price point.

There are following headsets with decent prices. The best all-round option starts from $80 upto $120

Kingston Hyper X Cloud/Cloud 2

Best Gaming Headsets
The Kingston Hyper X cloud is a bit fancier but on the other hand it sounds really great. Its comfortable and the best thing, it’s realatively inexpensive. This one will cost you $80.

Corsair Gaming Void Wireless 7.1:

Best Gaming Headsets
Corsair Void gaming wireless comes into the category of low budget wireless headsets.The price of this wireless headset is pretty low which is $130, considering the performance of this headset. It gives a band resting on the forehead of the user, this takes time to get used to. It has power button, mute button and volume control buttons on the side which are pretty awesome. It is bit heavy in weight due to its battery but thats okay if a user is sitting which is probably not a problem. The sound quality while using this wireless headset pretty much amazing and gives all-round sound experience.


astro a50

Here is the high-end gaming headset. The Astro A50 which costs $300. it is very easy to use with its magnificient volume control buttons. It has amazing sound quality and microphone doesnt give any background noise or any other interuptions. Its battery lasts 8-10 hours. It comes with six inch long Micro-USB wire for charging battery. This headset is top-notch for its price.

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