How a Self-driving Car Talks to Pedestrians

In daily routines drivers do yelling on the pedestrians coming in front of their way. Now with new technology of Self-Driving car, the car can talk to pedestrians to leave out of its way. A company named Alphabet which is owned by Google is working on this technology. This technology will give the Self-driving cars the ability to interact with pedestrians on the road.

Alphabet had been working on it since 2012. We may first see this technology into autonomous cars. Such cars will be equipped with sensors which will allow to sense objects in its way. The car’s built-in computer will help the driver whether the path is clear or not. It will also help where the vehicle will stop or go.

In addition  phyical signalling device may install in vehicles which will intreact wih pedestrains using electronic signals,sound signal through speaker.Driver to pedestains commincation can also be done through pedestrains smartphone alerts.

How a Self-Driving Car Talks To Pedestrians

Other companies also show a lot of interest in this technology.

Nissan developed a concept car with an electronic dashboard that give message signals. Such message signals will show what the car is going to do. Nissan has a great plan ahead of its concept car. They have the vision that their concept version can flash messages to nearby pedestrains by saying “After You Please”.

Apple also showed alot of interest in it. They made a lot of investment and they have great intensions for Self-Driving cars.

Samsung had recently built a unit which has only one aim to focus on this technology.

Car service company Uber, which is the world’s most valuable private company is investing alot of money on this technology.

On the other hand Self-Driving Cars are very cautious. The actual aim of this technology is to provide safety to pedestrains and avoid road accidents. This technology will be a huge leap forward in the field of technology and safety.

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Source: CNBC.

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