iPhone 7 is rumored to be released on 15th September 2016 and there are a great number of many rumors on how will iPhone look like. There are a 1000s of questions that are dominating iPhone fan’s minds such as how will it look like? When will it release? What will be different in iPhone 7? And many more! And we are going to look for some of the answers here. Though iPhone 6s just got released in 2015 but the magic of Apple keeps the fan thinking about what’s new coming from them.


In this article, we are going to have a look on some the rumored features and specifications that are out on the social and electronic media. There are rumors about advanced 3D touch (3D touch is already part of iPhone 6s), wireless charging and many more. There are also rumors for the new waterproof ports in the new iPhone 7 which is set to release on 15th September.

Features (rumored).

Here are some of the rumored features that will be the part of new iPhone 7.

1. It is said that iPhone 7 will have the wireless charging features, and if it’s true, then it would be a massive step from the Apple.

2. For the 1st time a screen resolution of 1080p is said to be expected in the upcoming 4.7” screened device from Apple, which means that now watching videos and movies will be hell of a fun and since it’s rumored that iPhone 7 Plus will have a screen size of 5.5” which will add to the fun that we will have with iPhone 7.

3. Apple is looking forward to making a waterproof iPhone 7, which will surely increase the sell tally of the company.

4. Fast charging will be another feature of this next-gen iPhone 7. WOW! So now we will need to wait for much little for the phone to charge than hours while having better battery backup.

Well, we know that every time Apple don’t fail to impress, and with all of these, we expect iPhone to be a real beast. And now you might have an image of how will the new phone will look like so stay tuned to our website for more of the amazing news on technology and much more stuff.

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