Northern Lights Mystery is Finally Solved

Japanese scientists from Kyoto and Kyushu universities have found the exact cause of these dancing polar lights called Northern Lights which are one of most beautiful mysteries on Earth.

Scientists used computer simulations to model the connection between Solar Plasma and Earth’s Poles’ magnetic fields. The dancing polar lights are faintly visible on the poles due to the amazing and spectacular phenomena called ‘Aurora Breakup’.

Further study is made on Northern Lights which gave fruitful results. The Results says that as Solar Particles reach Earth’s atmosphere, they start re-connection in Earth’s magnetic fields on the poles. This re-connection process converts the magnetic field to kinetic energy, thermal energy and particle acceleration

The Scientists of Kyushu and Kyoto found that in the space of magnetosphere this causes a sudden electric charge which makes a divergent and produce an electric field in the upper atmosphere. This causes Lower altitude to rotate anti-clockwise and release the extra electricity. It is because of this that we see the beautiful dancing lights in the sky.

The results of this study leads Japanese scientist Yusuke Ebihara to explain that the previous theories about this re-connection of solar plasma of Sun and Earth’s magnetic field were only based on individual mechanisms and there are some contradictions with them.

Northern Lights Mystery is Finally Solved

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