An amazing look at 2015 – Tech Gadgets

This year brought us some amazing lessons from variety of things like 3D TVs and 4K TVs which did pretty well in bringing change among people.

Following are the products that bring reasonable change in people life:


Amazon-Echo: The Living Room iPod

amazon echo

Amazon echo is an iPod-like product with Siri-like voice interface which has an absolutely spectacular hit at home. If you want to create something that can plug and play easily then this product is best for it. So the lesson learned from this product is that it should look nice and help the people to classify their work and implement it to plug and play.

Microsoft Surface 4:

Take a look at an Amazing Year -2015

One of the funny things is that when iPad got released in the market, many people started to buy iPads rather than laptops. Now the funny thing about that is people use keyboard for iPad like they are laptops. People wanted a laptop with good battery life, light weight and good portability.

Microsoft built a tablet like laptop which is known as Microsoft Surface 4 which has same specifications like iPad. Hence Apple concluded that now people need a bigger iPad, and they made the 18 inch iPad Pro.

Why 4k TVs are best:

4k tv
In 3D TVs, people wear 3d glasses which is quite a problem. Companies spent billions to provide quality 3d TVs but due to 3d glasses, people recommend 4K TVs over 3D TVs just because the 3D glasses are a hassle to wear. 4K TVs came into market which are better than 3D TVs in terms of resolution and all-round aspects. Companies are working on 8K TVs which still need years to come into the wild. There is the same issue with VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality). These technologies need even more expensive glasses. This concludes that AR and VR  seems to be more successful in industrial use than home use. Companies with big budget can afford such technologies to make and save the money. 4K TVs also come with curved display, which looks very sleek.

Problem with Electric Cars:

Take a look at an Amazing Year -2015

Electric cars are a good technology, but it depends on areas where the need is more. A couple of factors that made the trend of electric cars pretty less, like sudden fall of oil prices. China, which has most smog climate problems and High gas prices looks like to be the most needy of electric cars. But on the other hand they make electricity from Dirty-Coal Plants. Hyundai, Tesla and Porsche are working on this technology. However, Hyundai may steal the market from others because they’re going to build both electric and hybrid technologies in one car.


The conclusion is that, we made good progress in many fields in 2015. It was a good year. We made many advancements in science and technology. But there is always room for improvement, and we hope that 2016 will be even better!

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