Effects of Video Games on Brain-Study

Effects of Video Games on Brain-Study

A collaborative research made by University of Medical School Utah and Chung-Ang University suggested that the brains of boys who play video games are differently wired. Their study is based on the brain scans of 200 boys who play video games. Scans show enhanced coordination between the brain networks that process vision or hearing. This is known as salience network.

Hyper-connectivity between the brain networks can lead to direct attention to target said by Senior Author Jeffery Anderson Neuro-radiologist at University of Utah. Such changes can be beneficent for a person to think more efficiently.

Furthermore studies are needed to determine whether these boys can do well in performance tests. Anderson believes that there are also certain side effects that appeared in scans.

For example, in brain scans of boys who play video games which may increase the coordination between the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and the temporoparietal junction that cause increase in distract-ability.

That same change is seen in the patients who have down syndrome and who have poor impulse control. However, Anderson admitted that it is unclear weather playing games rewired the brain or it effected negatively on the people who are already wired.

Source: Gamasutra


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