Ford is going to built Self Driving Cars, in talks with Google

Ford is going to build Self Driving Cars

Google is going to deal with automotive company Ford Motor Co. to build Internet search company’s autonomous cars. The contract deal about the manufacturing of autonomous cars is expected to be finalized at annual International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in the first week of January.

Google Spokesmen told the Automotive News that Company don’t want to make any speculations about the deal. However the Google officials confirmed that the company is going to deal with world top automakers.

Google are in talks with the World’s top automakers, Ford, to form a team of Traditional and Non Traditional suppliers to help them speed up the efforts of making Self-Drive cars. Google has set the goal to bring Self-Driving cars in the market by 2020.

In June Google began testing Self-Drive bubble shape like Design Prototypes on the roads of Mountain View. They have also started testing prototypes in Austin.

Ford Motors Co. has started to build Self-Driving cars this year. They said that it would expand the Self-Drive technology to even advance to technologies like automatic braking, enabling hands free car control under certain conditions which includes steering, braking and acceleration.

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