REPORT: Samsung Galaxy S7 is Revealed By China Mobile

Report- Galaxy S7 is Revealed By China Mobile

Chine mobile, one of the world’s largest mobile operators through connections confirmed the speculation about Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone by next year in the month of March.

Samsung hinted that Galaxy S7 will not be launched at CES 2016 in January. But by accidental leak about the Galaxy S7, report of China Mobile has confirmed it. The price of the Galaxy S7 will be around $465. On the other hand, analyst said that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be cheaper than S6 by 10%

China Mobile’s leaked report says that Galaxy S7 will include potential features pressure sensitive screen (force touch technology), Type C USB connector and a high spec camera.

It is also suggested that other variants of the Samsung Galaxy S7 will also come into the market which are Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S7 Plus and Galaxy S7 Edge Plus.

Source: Mobileworldlive


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