The SpaceX Falcon 9 has landed

The SpaceX Falcon 9 has landed
SpaceX has successfully landed its rocket on the ground for the first time which is a major milestone set by them to cut the costs and make rockets usable as airplanes. Falcon 9 with its burning orange light touched the ground of Cape Canaveral Fla.

The commentator when said that Falcon 9 has landed people in Space X headquarters screams and cheers for their marvelous achievement. SpaceX headquarters are located in Hawthorne, Calif.

SpaceX Head Elon Musk lost a lot of money in creating and making of complicated rocket components that causes launching rocket failures.

Previous attempts of falcon 9 failed to land on the first stage on ocean floating. The Falcon 9 either collided with autonomous ship or tipped over. But this time Falcon 9 landed successfully on the Earth as it can be seen on SpaceX webcast images of the rocket landing firmly on the ground.

The rocket covered about 125 miles height from the surface of Earth and then return back to Earth. The place where rocket landed was  Former US Air Force missile testing range that was used in 1978.

NASA congratulated SpaceX on their marvelous achievement on Twitter. This achievement was not only very expensive, but it also risked the lives of the astronauts.

SpaceX made a contract with the NASA of $1.6 Billion to supply the astronauts living in International Space Stations.

Just after Six months ago Falcon 9  was destroyed by a faulty strut in two minutes before the launch. SpaceX also lost its cargo of hundreds of millions of dollars and valuable equipment of ISS. Company fixed that problem and made newest version of falcon 9 with 30% more powerful iteration then last version.

Analysts called the landing Falcon 9 an “Incredible Achievement” in an industry to cut down the cost of space flights  and more accessible for tourists and adventure lovers.

Source: IndustryWeek


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