Non-K Intel CPU Overclocking! – BIOSTAR HyperOC

Non-K Intel CPU Overclocking! - BIOSTAR HyperOC

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BIOSTAR is a brand with good reputation that manufactures computer components such as graphic cards and motherboards. BIOSTAR has also released motherboards for the latest 6th generation Intel Skylake processors based on Z170 and H170 chipsets.

As we all know, Intel CPUs come in different variants, the ones with “K” labeling has an unlocked multiplier so they can be overclocked very easily. However, the ones that are called non-K variants, have a locked multiplier, thus they can’t be overclocked.

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But this time, BIOSTAR has introduced a new tool called HyperOC, which will give non-K Intel CPUs to be overclocked easily. This will allow all 6th-generation non-K Intel Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs to be overclocked. The non-K CPUs don’t overclock as good as the K variants, but still, you can overclock a non-K CPU to a very good 35 – 36% overclock.

The HyperOC technology is available in the latest BIOS update for the BIOSTAR Z170 motherboards. BIOSTAR has made overclocking of non-K CPUs possible. Hats off.

Source: TechPowerUp

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