Researchers Working on Light Based Processor

Researchers Working on Light Based Processor

University of Colorado researchers are determined to finish the 2015 with a bang! Researchers say that they have created a Light Based processor to transmit data using light rather than electricity. The design of the processor is not fully photonic but its 850 input/output data rate that makes the electric chip set downright modest. It’s about 300 Gigabytes of data per square millimeter, which is normally 10 to 50 percent more than you use to transmit data normally. The key is to find a way in which the conventional process of electric circuit can be reuse by using optics in them.

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The design is only consist of two tiny cores (3mm by 6mm). It shows an increase improvement in computing power without doing any excessive work. You can transmit massive amount of data in no time. There is still time before the light based processor hit the markets. The developers are working on it’s optimization and operation and hopefully, we will see this electric processor soon.

Source: Engadget

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