Top 10 Best Toyota Sport Cars of All-Time

Top 10 Best Toyota Sport Cars of All Time

Toyota continued its heritage not only in world’s largest sedan car production but also in sport car production. They managed to build some excellent sport cars which created history in the world of sports entertainment. So in this countdown, we’ll list the Top 10 Best Toyota Sport Cars of All-Time. Without further ado, let’s get started.

10. Toyota Celica GT Mk 1:

All-Time Top Ten Toyota Sport Cars

Toyota Celica GT MkI

The first Celica car was launched in 1972 in UK. With affordable price and initially 86BHP 1.6-litre was available. Later in 1974, it got Twin-cam 1.6-litre 100BHP engine. After two years Toyota introduced even more powerful   2.0-litre twin cam engine with 118 BHP. With this powerful engine Celica was able to reach a top speed of 114mph (about 180km/h).

9. Toyota Celica MkVII:

Top 10 Best Toyota Sport Cars of All Time

Toyota Celica MkVII

This was the final model with Celica name. It was more lighter and smaller than previous models. It was launched in 1999 in UK with an affordable price tag of 19,255 pounds. The Celica Mk VII was powered by a 1.8-litre VVT-i 16 valve engine that pushed the car’s BHP to 140. It had a 6-speed close ratio transmission. Due to lighter weight and good power to weight ratio, the Celica Mk VII could reach 0-60mph in 8.7 seconds.

8. Toyota 2000 GT:

Top 10 Best Toyota Sport Cars of All Time

Toyota 2000-GT

Undoubtedly, the 2000 GT was the most famous and most valuable sports car from Toyota. 2000 GT was featured in James Bond movie “You Only Live Twice”. For over 40 years, the 2000 GT is still helping to redefine the new generation sport cars. With a powerful 6 cylinder (V6) inline engine, the 2000 GT was the first ever Toyota grand sports car. It came into market in 1967.

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7. Toyota MR2 MkIII:

Top 10 Best Toyota Sport Cars of All Time

Toyota MR2 MkIII

The third and final version of MR2 came into market in UK in the April 2000. MR2 MkIII was available in roadster body style dropping off the coupe and T-Bar body styles of previous generations. With a powerful 1.8-litre VVT-i 16 valve engine, the roadster MR2 MkIII could reach 0-60 mph in 7.9 seconds and a top speed of 130mph. And yeah, the MR2 MkIII looks badass with the flip lights and sporty look. It is undoubtedly an amazing car.

6. Toyota MR2 MkI:

Top 10 Best Toyota Sport Cars of All Time

Toyota MR2 MkI

The sales of MR2 MkI in September 1985 was the most anticipated sports car Toyota ever launched in UK. The sales in Japan were very successful and orders for the car in the market got doubled. With an affordable price tag and a 1.6-litre 16 valve engine, the 975kg MR2 MkI could reach 0-60mph in 8.1 seconds.

5. Toyota GT86:

Top 10 Best Toyota Sport Cars of All Time

Toyota GT86

It won nine awards in sports entertainment. It might be good to say that GT86 is the best car ever made by Toyota. The GT86 is not a classic ride like the previous ones listed here, but the front-engined real-wheel drive Toyota GT86 is a wonderful ride. It looks beautiful. The Toyota GT86 has a starting price of £25,000. You can also have dual-clutch transmission. The Toyota GT86 also feature 17″ alloy wheels.

4. Toyota MR2 MkII:

Top 10 Best Toyota Sport Cars of All Time

Toyota MR2 MkII

The MR2 MkII was an amazing mid-engined two seater car. It was released in UK in April 1990. The standard model of MR2 MkII was powered with 2.0-litre 16 valve 119BHP engine which was upgraded to 154 BHP for GT and GT-R models. The engine was again upgraded to 170BHP. The MR2 GT accelerated to 0-60mph in 7.7 seconds could reach a top speed of 137mph.

3. Toyota Celica GT-Four:

Top 10 Best Toyota Sport Cars of All Time

Toyota Celica GT-4

The Celica GT-Four was an iconic rally sports car. It won a silver medal in World Rally Championship. A turbocharged 239BHP engine was used in the Celica GT-Four. The Celica GT-Four became the Toyota rally champion car. With such a powerful engine, the Celica GT-Four could reach 0-60mph in 5.5 seconds and had a top speed of 153mph. WRC regulations asked Toyota to make 2500 cars and 100 cars for UK. Celica GT-Four costed 29,235 pounds.

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2. Toyota Corolla Coupe GT AE86:

Top 10 Best Toyota Sport Cars of All Time

Toyota Corolla AE86

The most iconic car for drifting was the Corolla Coupe GT AE86. A rear-wheel drive coupe was the fifth generation of Corolla. AE86 was launched in UK in 1985 and joined with front-wheel drive later that year. The UK version of Corolla GT AE86 was powered by a 120BHP 1.6 twin cam engine and could reach a top speed of 120mph. Corolla GT coupe costed 7,850 pounds in September 1985.

1. Toyota Supra MkIV:

Top 10 Best Toyota Sport Cars of All Time

Toyota Supra

The first supra was launched in UK 1993. The fourth generation Toyota Supra was a front-engined rear-wheel drive car with 329BHP. Weighing less than 1600kg, the twin-turbocharged Supra can reach 0-60mph in 4.9 seconds with a top speed of 155mph. It was the most powerful sports car ever made by Toyota. Supra was sold in 1993 in UK officially with a price tag of 37,500 pounds. The Toyota Supra also had a very beautiful and heavy-duty body, which is highly customization. The Toyota Supra was a Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) sensation.

So guys, that’s it for this countdown! If you like it, then do share and comment! Peace.




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