Toyota Corolla through the history 1968 to 2015

Toyota Corolla through the history 1968 to 2015

1968 Corolla (Left) and 2014 Corolla (Right)

The Toyota Corolla is on of the best selling cars in the world. These cars got some history though, the first model of the Corolla was introduced in 1968. So just in case if you want to know more about the Toyota Corolla and its history, we will tell you “Toyota Corolla through the history 1968 to 2015”. So without further chit-chat, let’s get started.

First Generation Corolla 1968-69:

Toyota Corolla through the history 1968-2015

The 1968 model of Corolla had extreme simplicity. It was first introduced in Japan in 1966 and then internationally it was first introduced in US in 1968. The ’68 model corolla was built in two body styles that were 2-door and 4-door models. It had a 90 inch wheelbase. Toyota had sold 1968 model Corolla in US which was the smallest car at that time. It had a 60 BHP 1.1 Liter Overhead Four Cylinder Engine with four speed transmission. At that time, automatic transmission was not the option. Even with cheaper and smaller model Toyota handwork didn’t suffer. The ’68 model Corolla’s starting price was $1700 at that time.

Second Generation Corolla 1970-74:

Toyota Corolla through the history 1968-2015

The ’70 Corolla was as good as the previous Corolla was. It was too small and didn’t catch up with the need of power for North Americans. The ’70 model Corolla had wheelbase of 91.9 inches and it boasted a new 1.2 Liter 73 BHP Overhead Four Cylinder Engine. With minimum increase in wheelbase and body styling made the ’70 Corolla look more confident and comfortable than ’68 Corolla . Toyota also offered automatic transmission in Corolla ’70 which made it second-best selling car in the world.

The Corolla ’70 got more better in 1971. 1.6 liter engine was introduced and it expanded its BHP to 102. There were some changes made in body styling. The 1973-74 models got bumper changes and had SR-5 sporty version with 5-speed transmission.

Third Generation Corolla 1975-78:

Toyota Corolla through the history 1968-2015

A total of five models of Corolla ’75 were introduced. These models included two door sedan with 1.2 liter engine, four door sedan, two door hardtop, a sporty version hardtop and five door station-wagon all with 1.6 liter engine. Only sporty version of Corolla ’75 had 5-speed transmission and others model were 4-speed transmission . Corolla ’75 was available with 3-speed automatic transmission.

Catalytic converter was later installed in Corolla ’75. In later models of Corolla, the ’77 and ’78, Toyota did modifications with body styling like front bumper uplifts.

Fourth Generation Corolla 1979-83:

Toyota Corolla through the history 1968-2015

Corolla ’79 became more satisfying car than the previous models. The wheelbase of Corolla 79 was of 94.5 inches. Uni body style of the car looked more strong and attractive. A new 75 BHP Over head four cylinder 1.8 Liter engine was used in the Corolla ’79. It was available with 4-speed and 5-speed transmission. The 3-speed automatic transmission was upgraded to 4-speed level unit for the first time which was later installed in ’81 and ’82 models of  Corolla.

Corolla ’83 was introduced with 1.6-litre Cam Engine which was more powerful and smoother than the previous models.

Fifth Generation Corolla 1984-87:

Toyota Corolla through the history 1968-2015

Toyota finally changed their chassis to front-wheel drive (FWD). Corolla ’84 was introduced in three body styles which were SR-5 Coupe, Lift back and the station wagon. The same 1.6 SOHC engine was used with 4-speed automatic transmission and 5-speed manual transmission. Few of fifth Generation Corollas were using 4 cylinder diesel engine.

The 1984 Corolla was offered with both Coupe and Lift-back body style in same model. A new 16 valve 1.6-litre dual overhead cam engine was introduced which rated the power of the engine to 124BHP. The resulting model was Corolla GT-S which became very attractive to drift lovers. The dual overhead cam engine was later introduced in standard model of the ’85 Corolla.

Corolla ’87 models used both engine types SOHC and DOHC 1.6 Liter. This model was named as FX16 when equipped with DOHC engine.

Sixth Generation Corolla 1988-92:

Toyota Corolla through the history 1968-2015

More stylish than previous models. Corolla six generation was built in NUMMI plants in California and Japan. But the sedan models were only built in Japan. The station wagon model was available in front wheel drive and also with All wheel drive. All the models of Corolla ’88 were having DOHC 16 valve inline four cylinder 1.6-litre engine. The standard sedan got 90 BHP, All-trac station wagon got 100BHP and the GT-S model got EFI engine with 115 BHP. All the models had 5-speed transmission with the option of 4-speed and 3-speed automatic transmission. 13 inch wheel size was the standard but GT-S model got 14 inch wheel size with four disc brakes and six-way adjustable seats.

At that time power steering, power side mirrors, dual outside mirrors and stereo were option. Until 1989 there were no changes made in the ’88 Corolla . In 1991, fuel injection was introduced which benefited the models of ’91 and ’92. The base engine power increased to 102BHP and for GT-S it increased up to 130BHP.

Seventh Generation Corolla 1993-97:

The 1993 Corolla’s wheelbase was increased up to 97 inches. The car’s size classification was between compact and subcompact. But the All-trac sedans and coupe models were not built. Corolla ’93 was powered by a basic inline 1.6-litre engine. Later, 1.8 Liter DOHC 16 valve four cylinder engine was introduced in models of the 1993 Corolla. ABS brakes were optional in Corolla at that time. Highly adjustable seat belts were installed and CFC free Air conditioning  refrigerants for cars were also installed.

Eighth Generation Corolla 1997-2002:

The Eighth Generation Corolla managed to drop weight and its fuel efficiency increased. This model got aluminum body powered by a DOHC 1.8 liter four cylinder 16 valve engine which increases the BHP to 130. It was also very lighter than the previous models of Corolla. Such powerful engine made Corolla ’97 twice the power of Corolla ’68. Fuel economy was improved by 10% that is 31mpg in the city and 38 mpg on the highway.

This model was available in 5-speed transmission and 4-speed automatic transmission. This model was also equipped with airbags and CD player. Only oldie feature this model had was a stereo cassette player. ABS technology was optional. Corolla 2000 model came with VVT-i engine which increase the BHP to 125 for 1.8-litre engine.

The 2001 Corolla included head lights, back lights and more features. Fog lights were optional in that model.

Ninth Generation Corolla 2002-2008:


Corolla 2003 was designed in a way to attract the young buyers which was actually looking like shrunken Camry. Wheelbase of Corolla 2002 was 102.4 inches which was 5 more than previous model. Like every Corolla model, this model was also designed to provide the trouble-less driving. This model gave more space, comfort and accommodation than previous models.

The 1.8 liter DOHC engine was all aluminum developed and gave out an output of 125 BHP. The shifting in manual and automatic transmission became more precise and smooth. In this generation the model with less features came up with CD player and Air Conditioner. Corolla 2005 sporty version was debuted. It had 2.4-litre engine with 170 BHP. It had interior side curtains, airbags and new stereo system installed. This version was discontinued in 2007.

Tenth Generation Corolla 2009-2014:

Toyota Corolla through the history 1968-2015

The Tenth Generation Corolla was introduced in 2009 in the markets. Corolla made its name in giving the remarkable fuel efficiency and also remain an economy sedan.

Corolla 2009’s appearance was familiar to its old version but also had same size. 1.8-litre 132 BHP boosted engine was installed and 2.4 liter 152 BHP engine was in sporty version (TRD Version). The base model got AC and stereo system with audio jack but power windows were optional. The interior quality was lacked. But still Toyota managed to became the world largest car selling company.

Eleventh Generation Corolla 2014-Present:

Toyota Corolla through the history 1968 to 2015

A new era started with Corolla 2014 having smoother seats, better ride, crisper steering and 7-speed CVT (Clutch-variable transmission) engine which is preferable to traditional automatic transmission. It has an excellent fuel efficiency of 42mpg.

Corolla 2014 is equipped with a 1.8-litre Twin Cam VVT-i four cylinder engine rated same as 132BHP as last year model. 7-speed shifting technology is only offered in full feature model. While 6-speed manual transmission and traditional 5-speed  transmission are available in less feature model. The full feature model is equipped with Android LCD. And the less feature model is having standard CD player with audio jack and Bluetooth connection. All the models have ABS. With years to come, Corolla is still upto its standards and will continue its historical vehicle improving the legacy.

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