Ebola And Its Symptoms:

As time passes more diseases are being discovered, Viral diseases lie in the category of hard tackling problems and Ebola is one of them. We are very well aware of fever and its outcomes, but don’t underestimate the veteran nature of Ebola, it’s not like some common temperature abnormality or series of headaches and flu. This devastating fever spreads through these viruses:

bola virus (Zaire ebolavirus), Sudan virus (Sudan ebolavirus), Taï Forest virus (Taï Forest ebolavirus, formerly Côte d’Ivoire ebolavirus)

History Of Ebola:

What is Ebola - Everything You Want To Know

Ebola Virus at 108,000 Magnification credit: Huffington post

It started way back in Democratic Republic of Congo, People living near River Ebola started to become ill in intense ratio. Victims spread this viral infection by meeting others and by time outbreak became brutal, at that time mortality rate was near 90 percent so anyone diagnosed with this new form of illness was considered half dead. Scientist has researched and observed the natural surroundings, but they could not decide what is the natural reservoir of this fatal form of fever. Some deduce that animals play a major role in establishing the outbreak of the disease and commonly suspected are the bat, but there are no solid evidence about it. Africa is considered as the major origin of Ebola and mostly victims are from there.

Ebola In Action:

The most starting point is Fever with way higher magnitude, victims also feel devastating pain in their muscles and bones, throat becomes sore and may cause internal/external bleeding at a rapid rate. Direct contact with the disease diagnosed person could be your last mistake because the transmitting viruses are kind of assassins.

Here Are Some Symptoms Of Ebola:

  • very high fever at early stages
  • Chest pain and severe cough
  • Stomachache
  • Cold and chills with severe headache
  • Various muscle pain and joints pain
  • Rashes and Red Eyes , Bleeding from Eyes
  • Weakness and weight loss in rapid rate
  • In Last stages Internal Bleeding and external bleeding from every opening such as eyes ,ears, nose and rectum

Why You Should care:

This viral disease is brutal and almost not-treatable there are chances of survival in early stages but late diagnosing is goodbye letter, There are no effective vaccines available to treat Ebola, Some experiments are being successful, but the death rate is more than 70 percent and in last stages above 97 percent.

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