5 Facts About Black Holes You Must Know


Black holes are mysterious things that suck up everything around them so hard that even light cannot escape from a black hole. Scientific theories state that black holes are those stars which have a disrupted ratio of radiation pressure to gas pressure. This disruption causes intense amount of gravity, so the star’s own mass gets sucked onto its core, creating a black hole.

But there is a supernatural side about these too, many people have theorized that black holes are portals leading to other galaxies or maybe dimensions. But whatever it is, we don’t know for sure that what happens when we enter a black hole.

So just in case if you’re wondering to know more about black holes, here, we will tell you 5 Facts About Black Holes You Must Know. Let’s start.

5 Facts About Black Holes You Must Know


Event horizon is the place where black hole’s intense gravity takes control over everything, even light cannot escape. From the event horizon, the black hole will pull an object into the singularity, a place in which time is twisted, where the laws of physics don’t apply. We really don’t know much about the singularity, like what happens inside it. But according to scientific and realistic theories, anything inside the singularity gets annihilated.

In space, time passes faster than time passing on sea level. According to Einstein’s theory of general relativity (Space-time), gravity is the strongest where space-time is most curved, and gravity almost vanishes where space-time is flat. Which means that time is related with gravity. That is why the strong gravity on black holes make time very slow.

5 Facts About Black Holes You Must Know


Even though nothing can escape the wrath of a black hole, scientists say that radiation CAN do escape from a black hole, and that’s how black holes die. Black holes emit radiation. As they emit radiation, they’re losing mass, so eventually they disappear/die. But this process is very slow. The oldest known black hole is predicted to be formed only 875 million years after the formation of solar system (big bang), which means that it is billions of years old!

5 Facts About Black Holes You Must Know


A black hole in the Cygnus constellation woke up after 26-years. The scientists called the revived black hole an “X-Ray Nova”. The revived black hole is still active and it is causing mayhem 8000 light years away from Earth right now.

Read more about this here.

5 Facts About Black Holes You Must Know


Yes, white holes. If these things exist, this will make more sense that black holes are portals to other galaxies. If white holes exist, we may have the ability to travel long-distances in space faster than a beam of light! Amazing.

A theory also suggests that black holes actually turn into white holes when they die, ejecting everything they’ve ever absorbed.

5 Facts About Black Holes You Must Know


Yes, it all makes sense. The radiations could make a black hole colorful.

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