Technology Giants Should Visit Iceland

Technology Giants should Visit Iceland

Technology  experts are very confident that they can attract the big tech companies. Iceland might be famous for  volcanic eruptions, spouting steams and its Viking heritage. But the big Island with low population wants to make its name as a hub for data centers.

Due to increased growth in internet usage, computers and phone tech companies need more places to keep the data which their users create. Iceland’s tech giants believes that its the perfect condition to give their best to Internet consumer for their money.

Companies from all over the globe are renting space at Verne Global in Keflavik, a town in Iceland.

The sites which use huge, very powerful computers are making billions of calculations per second. Its actually like a ‘cloud’.

Servers need to keep their processors cool which can be very pricey but in Iceland chilly winds have advantage on warm countries. Servers use only openings in a wall for chilly air to come in and cool their processors.

Iceland  has a lot of water and heat too. Almost 100 percent of electricity is produced from geothermal and hydroelectricity that can drive data centers in cheaper and environment friendly way.

Some of the companies are operating its data centers in Iceland which is giving 80 percent of cost reduction because of free chill wind through out the year and power cost is very cheap.

Big companies like Facebook has one data center in Sweden, Google in Finland and Apple is building its data center in Denmark.

Staff of the University of Iceland are very optimistic that the big companies are very cautious on places where they can build their data centers.

The data center industry is new here in Iceland, said by Professor of Computer Science Ebba Thora Hvannberg. But the founder of Startup Iceland and technology expert Bala Kamallakharan says that it would be more than cheap and green energy to convince big companies like Google and Yahoo to bring their data center in Iceland.

Moreover Iceland is connected with the world using only three cube cables. These cables more like security for data centers. Think it as about the two lungs and two kidneys if one of them fails, the body still have the chance to recover, said by Bala Kamallakharan.


Source:  Sky News

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