Ebola is one of the most dangerous viral diseases, and you know what makes it more fatal? The fact that there are no satisfactory methods or vaccines to cure Ebola effectively, Victims is early stages could be saved with treatment but a person trapped in latter stages is considered almost dead because the recovering chances are very less.

Some scientists have worked tremendously on this devastating disease and claims they have produced a vaccine to cure Ebola, but this treatment is being experimented on monkeys and the still mortality rate is nearly 45%.

Plants Cure Ebola

Ebola Cure – Via plants:

They know it by term ZMapp, which is a technique to mix up three antibodies of Ebola virus by the help of plants, the resultant vaccine is never used on humans, but it does output good results on non Human Primates. A company known as Kentucky Bio processing is developing this antibody therapy, they have enormous greenhouses full of tobacco. These tobaccos are helping the world to deal with Flu, HIV, HPV, Rabies and Ebola by producing proteins which are useful against organisms responsible for transmitting viruses. This whole process works in an interesting way, first of all, scientist inject some genes of desirable traits into plant virus and then this virus is injected to plant bodies, plants try to neutralize the infected virus by producing proteins later on these proteins are extracted from the body of plants and transformed into usable serums. This technique is not something new, a similar process is used to produce insulin from E.Coli. Scientists call these types of greenhouses as Bio reactors which are being used massively to cure many diseases and to produce therapeutic proteins and products. Plants are used massively because they are efficient, the growth rate of tobacco is rapid and it requires fewer resources to do complex jobs. Human experimenting has not been allowed yet, Kentucky is really involved in increasing their trials and soon Zmapp would become successful to cure Ebola.

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