How Internet Lied in 2015

2015 is another busy year for journalists to expose the fake images on internet. In 2015, many pictures and videos got viral yet some of them are posted on internet for wrong reasons.

They were fake images and videos to deceive people and mislead them.

Did you caught any of these fake images? Well, if you didn’t then you need to see these.

Image shared on internet during Nepal Earthquake:

How Internet Lied in 2015

This picture was actually taken in Vietnam in the year 2007 which was used for making a misleading story about 4 year old brother protecting a 2 year old sister during Nepal earthquake.

This picture was shared on Facebook, Twitter as prompted calls for donations.

“This was the most shared photo on internet”, said by Na Son Nguyen. But in reality its context is wrong.

Clip of a swimming pool during Nepal Earthquake:


This clip is labelled as swimming pool of Kathmandu Hotel from a security camera appeared on YouTube and Facebook. This video clip was used by international media to show the effects of earthquake in Nepal in 81 years. But its an old video from possibly in 2010 during earthquake in Mexico.

The clip got million of reviews on YouTube and Facebook which mislead the people from the actual story.

Migrant put his route to Europe on Instagram:

How Internet Lied in 2015
The selfies of Abdou Diouf on Instagram hit the internet and gathered huge number of followers  and best wishes for his journey to Spain. But there was doubt over his unlikely use of hashtags like #Instalovers #RichKidsofInstagram turned into a marketing campaign for photography festival in Northern Spain.

Refugee posing as an IS fighter:

How Internet Lied in 2015

The man in the photo who is Laith al-Saleh, a former commander of Free Syrian Army who were group of rebels against President of Syria Bashar al-Assad. Laith al-Saleh fled to Syria and arrived in Macedonia on August 2015. After knowing the truth of this picture the man who shared it apologized.

Photo from Eagle of Death Metal in Concert:

How Internet Lied in 2015A serious case was this picture which mislead many people on the internet.  This picture was wrongly labelled that it is the concert of Eagle of death metal doing concert in Paris before the Paris attacks. And the crowd is showing from Bataclan theater. In reality this concert was in Dublin Olympia Theater. This picture was posted by band’s fan page on the day before Paris attacks.

Picture from Twitter post showing empty streets of Paris:

How Internet Lied in 2015

This twitter picture was widely tweeted by the twitter users to show the empty streets of Paris were after the attacks. But the reality is that this picture was actually part of “Silent World” project in which photography tricks are used to make cities empty showing end of the world.

YouAintNoMuslimBruv hashtag sign:

How Internet Lied in 2015

When a man killed three people at a London Tube Station in December. Eyewitness shouted “you ain’t no Muslim bruv”. And so a hashtag was born on Twitter. One of the most inspiring pictures of London Tube Sign including with which the hashtag was shared. Among them was London mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan. Actually, the sign appeared on the picture was created by sign generator app.

Extreme act of revenge by the husband:


This is the fake video made by a divorced German man who put all things in half and then put them on sale. It fooled a lot of people including some in the media June. The video could actually got 4.5 million views on YouTube. Game bar Association from marketing campaign came up telling that they made it for marketing purposes.

So guys, that’s it for this article. These were the truths about things that mislead many people. If you liked it, then do share and comment. Peace.

Source: BBC News

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