Top 5 Most Fiercest Modern Car Rivalries

Every company has a competitor, AMD’s competitor is Nvidia, Toyota’s competitor is Honda and so on. And we can even count this onto individual cars. So here, we will list the Top 5 Most Fiercest Modern Car Rivalries. Let’s go.

1. Chevrolet Camaro SS VS Ford Mustang:

Top 5 Most Fiercest Modern Car Rivalries

For the past 6 generations and 47 years, Camaro is battling Mustang for supremacy. The rivalry heated up further when 2015 Mustang hits up the street with independent rear suspensions and has an efficient powerful turbocharged 435BHP 5.0-litre V8 engine. In 2014, Mustang was short on power and track prowess. Shelby GT-500 has 662BHP but it had old design. While the Camaro SS ZL-1 has the monstrous track focus and 580BHP.

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Well, the 2016 Mustang will have the advantage on Camaro with high performance specs that Ford is going to introduce soon. The Ford Mustang 2016 may beat the Camaro SS this time.

2. Mini Cooper Hard Top VS Fiat 500:

Top 5 Most Fiercest Modern Car Rivalries

The Modern Mini Cooper was launched first in 2001 which made drivers think that the affordable small cars can be still fun to drive around. Mini Cooper has had a side competitor, Fiat in 2012. The Fiat 500 had numerous body colors, interior and exterior designs. Many special editions were also introduced in Fiat 500.

The all- new Mini Cooper is priced about $4000 higher than Fiat. It comes with turbocharged 134BHP 1.5-litre three cylinder inline engine. Mini Cooper is 600 pounds heavier than the Fiat 500. On the other hand, Fiat has surprisingly better engine with power-strain of 160BHP which is quick. It goes from 0-60mph in 7 seconds.

3. Subaru WRX STi VS Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution:

Top 5 Most Fiercest Modern Car Rivalries

The rivalry started to heat up in World Rally Championships (WRC) competitions in 1990s. Subaru and Mitsubishi traded Championship titles through out the WRC from decades. In those years, some thought that Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution has deft handling with a powerful 4 cylinder turbocharged engine. But the STi was a torque beast and could shoot away in short time leaving the dust behind.

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The Subaru STi of today still has the same basic 4-cylinder engine as in its earlier models. Today, the Subaru STi cost around $35,290 which is only with 6-speed manual transmission. With stiff  new chassis, the STi is brilliant on race tracks. The 291BHP Mitsubishi Evo hasn’t been upgraded since its older model. But Mitsubishi introduced Active Yaw Control. With all-wheel drive, the control can be set to snow, tarmac and gravel. But the car has old design which is expensive than 309BHP Subaru WRX STi. However with twin clutch automatic transmission, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is one of the best choices for rally drivers.

4. Dodge SRT Viper VS Chevrolet Corvette:

Top 5 Most Fiercest Modern Car Rivalries

The Chevrolet Corvette remained America’s best sports car for 61 years. Through these years, the Chevrolet got many rivals with the likes of Ferrari, Porsche and BMW but could not match the Corvette’s  high torque V8 engine. But there comes the domestic foe, The Viper in 1992.

If you want to step in the territory of sports cars then you would like to see the Dodge SRT Viper with 640BHP. Few sports cars can match the power of Viper with 600lb-ft torque.

The Corvette Z06 has crossed the figures and got a new V8 supercharged 650BHP engine with 650 lb-ft torque which makes the Chevrolet Corvette America’s best sports car again.

5. Dodge RAM VS Ford Raptor:

Top 5 Most Fiercest Modern Car Rivalries

Both of these 4-wheel pick-up trucks has a different approach. The 411BHP Ford Raptor has soft-long travel suspension for  high-speed trail work. While the Beefy 410BHP Dodge RAM has solid big axles with 4-wheel differential locking system.

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When it comes to hardcore working, the Dodge RAM has more payload that is 1490lbs than Ford Raptor’s 1090lbs.  When it comes to hitching a trailer, the Dodge RAM wins the race by puling a weight of 10,900lbs while the Ford Raptor can pull 8000lbs (limit). With RAM’s solid axles and 4-wheel differential system,  it has awesome off-road drive experience. But on roads you should consider the amazing speed and acceleration of the Ford Raptor.

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