Report: Galaxy S7 Coming In 2 Sizes

According to reports, Samsung is currently working on 2 variants of the Galaxy S7. One will be the 5.2″ flat screen model and the other will be the 5.5″ model with curved display. According to reports from ET News in South Korea, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will come in these two variants.

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Other reports say that Samsung will also release a 5.7″ variant of their flagship Galaxy S7.

Reports also say that Samsung is intended to make 5 million total units of the Galaxy S7. 3.3 million units are planned for the normal Galaxy S7 and remaining 1.1 million units will be of the Galaxy S7 Edge.

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The production of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is expected to begin in February of 2016. The phone is expected to roll out in the wild in March, 2016.

UPDATE: This rumor turned out to be false. The Galaxy S7 will come in four different variants. Visit this page to learn more.

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