Ebola Outbreak Ended in Guinea

Ebola Outbreak Ended in Guinea

WHO (World Health Organization) has confirmed that Ebola virus outbreak has ended in Guinea after two years.

The people in Guinea are very happy about the ending of Ebola in their country. They are going to celebrate with fireworks and concerts. The killing disease has taken more than 2500 lives in West African State and 9000 lives in areas near to Liberia and Sierra Leone in November.

Liberia was declared Ebola-Free by the WHO in September and Sierra in November.

Furthermore Liberia has had two cases since its declaration.

A county is now considered free human to human transmission. Its been 21 incubation periods passed since the last case test gave negative for the second time.

“God gifted the best ending of the year 2015 for Guinea”, said by the Ebola Virus survivor Alama Kambou Dore to AFP news.

Local Health got warning from WHO that the disease is still vital despite enjoying celebration.

Alpha Seny Souhmah, a Guinean health worker and Ebola survivor said that they should be extra careful the virus is not yet defeated even the open transmission has stopped.

WHO has congratulated to the Guinea government and its people to show extra ordinary leadership in fighting against the disease.

But it is also kept in mind that ten new cases of the Ebola outbreak were reported between March and November.

Dr. Bruce Aylward from the WHO’s Ebola response team said that the coming months are very crucial for them. This is the period in which disease should be prevented and detected.

WHO will keep its surveillance and outbreak response team in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia through 2016.

This is another milestone achieved by the WHO in fighting against the dangerous Ebola virus. The World’s most dangerous disease in the history of mankind, Ebola, is thought to be emerged from Fruit Bats in the deep forests of rural community.

Guinea got few cases of outbreak than its neighboring states Liberia and Sierra Leone. However the virus still existed there more than anywhere else.

People of Guinea thought it is a made-up disease. This suspicion is still in some of the communities. Many of them have no trust in the government.

Ebola has made its comeback twice in Liberia and its been thought it can come back to Guinea. Now its up to its people to keep the virus out of their bay by reporting suspicious deaths to the government. They should encourage their fellow loved ones to get treatment if they are infected by the vicious Ebola virus.

Now the question arises, what will happen to Ebola survivors who have health problems? Well, that all depends on WHO. As they are maintaining surveillance there, they will deal with the unhealthy survivors of Ebola virus.

Source: BBC News

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