Mein Kampf is for sale in Germany


Hitler’s Anti-Semitic book “Mein Kampf”  is returning in the markets next year in January causing an outburst among the Jewish groups.

For the first time the new version of Hitler’s autobiography is going to be for sale in Germany since his death.

Mein Kempf means “My Struggle”.  Written by Adolf Hitler himself, the book was banned in Germany after World War II. But the copyright of the book is releasing on Friday which also includes the critical commentary printed by the Munich-base institute of Contemporary History.

The book will cost only 59 euros which will be out on 8 January. There will be also French version of the book that will be published in France. Book printers have been criticized by the people who think Hitler’s book should remain banned.

Charlotte Knobloch, the President of Jewish community in Munich and Upper Bavaria said that the updated version of the book contain the risky content.

In France, Roger Cukierman, the council president of Jewish institute called the reprinting of the book a disaster and such horror is already one step away on the internet.

Some of academics said that the new edition of this book will help students to challenge Hitler’s fascist beliefs. They also found that the book is easily available in other parts of the world and it is also available on the Internet.

Hitler wrote the book in 1924 when he was in jail in the Southern German State of Bavaria. He put two ideas into practice as the leader of Germany. One is to gain “lebensraum” which means living space from other countries for Germans and the other one is his hatred of Jews which started the Holocaust that means genocide.

In 1945 more than 12 million copies were printed in Germany until Hitler’s suicide. For 70 years the book was banned by the Germany government in the respect of Nazi victims. The ban will still continue in Austria, Netherland and other European countries that were under Nazi’s control during Hitler’s reign.

In India and Brazil, the book is easily available while in Japan the book has also a manga version.

In Turkey, 30,000 copies had been sold since 2004. The book is also not prohibited in US. It will also include historical questions which are as follows:

  • How Hitler’s theories were planned?
  • What objective he had in his mind?
  • Which knowledge of today given us claims of his lies and wrong beliefs?

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