Millions of Chrome Users Put to Risk

Millions of Chrome Users Put to Risk

It is found that popular virus cleaner has a flaw and it has put millions of people’s data at risk.

AVG’s Web Tuneup is a free virus cleaner software for its users to keep them safe from viruses. But in the beginning of this month, Google’s team found that that the over riding feature is built into the search engine of Chrome browser. AVG had been well-aware of the problem and also addressed it to Google but now it is facing the unwelcome consequences.

Google’s member Tavis Ormandi found the issue and told it to other members of Project Zero on 15th December.

Tavis Ormandi further told that the AVG’s Web Tuneup was a forced installing plug in Chrome browser, which means that the user can change their settings in the browser.

As a result of this, millions of people’s data can easily be seen if their accessing location is known. In other words, the data can easily be hacked. It may lead hackers to see into other people’ precious data, emails and social activities.

On 15th December, Google’s member Tavis Ormandi  contacted Amsterdam-base cyber security  firm.

He wrote that he is not thrilled by this crappy Web Tuneup plugin for Chrome users. Your Cyber Security Web Tuneup is disabling the security for nine million Chrome users. Tavis further wrote that it should be the highest priority for you to fix this problem as soon as possible.

On Tuesday,  Mr. Ormandi confirmed about the new plugin that had resolved the issue.

AVG confirmed the message on their website.

In their message, they thanked Google Security Research Team to let them be aware of the problem caused by Tuneup toolbar Chrome extension.

The problem is fixed in new update and will help users to update their Web Tuneup automatically.

Mr. Ormandi told AVG Web Tuneup team that auto installing should be avoided for the new Tuneup users.


Source: BBC News

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