BBC Website Down Due to Technical Issues

BBC Website Down Due to Technical Issues

The BBC news website was down for several hours today, which made the biggest news channel website unavailable on the internet.

The BBC News posted on their Twitter account that the website has some technical issues which will be resolved by the technical team as quickly as possible.

The problem began this morning. Visitors experienced error messages on the webpage. The technical staff resolved the problem until mid day and BBC News mentioned it in their another statement on Twitter. They apologized for the problem and unavailability of the website to its viewers.

It is thought that the website had problem because of a web attack technique known as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). This web attack hits the site offline by adding it to more traffic then its limit.

iPlayer catchup services and iPlayer Radio was not working this morning due to this web attack.

Viewers of BBC showed a strong reaction on social media. Many of them thought that why BBC’s technical staff took such a long time to solve the problem. At 10:30GMT, the website started to work properly but again some pages took longer than normal to open.

BBC news website faced such technical problem on July 2014. Sites like iPlayer and other sites associated with it got offline for a whole week.


Source: BBC News

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