Cooltek GT-04 Chassis Announced

Cooltek GT-04 Chassis Announced


The Cooltek GT-04 chassis is of mid-tower form factor and it look pretty darn beautiful. It has built-in memory card reader, external docking station (2.5″ & 3.5″ drives) and modular drive cages.

Cooltek GT-04 Chassis Announced

The Cooltek GT-04 chassis is announced today and they look very good and have a vast range of features to offer; all at a very good price. The case is available in two color combinations, orange & black and green & black.

Cooltek GT-04 also have a very nice side panel window, which will make all the shiny hardware inside visible.

Internal Structure:

At the front, one 140mm fan is mounted to provide smooth air flow from the front. At the back, a single 120mm fan is installed as an exhaust. At the top, to 140mm or 120mm fans can be installed. The case also support a radiator at the top. Graphics cards of upto 420mm length can be installed inside the Cooltek GT-04. This means that you can fit all the high-end GPUs inside the Cooltek GT-04.

Cooltek GT-04 Chassis Announced

The case has three 3.5″ drive bays at the lower part. The upper part of the drive cage supports two 2.5″ SSD/HDDs. It also have three 5.25″ drive bays for secure installation of optical drives. It also have bottom-intake for the power supply unit.Cooltek GT-04 Chassis Announced

There is also room for good cable management.

External Structure:

At the front panel, the Cooltek GT-04 has two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports and HD Audio ports as well as power and reset buttons. The front panel also have integrated memory card reader. On the side panel, the Cooltek GT-04 has a fully transparent glass panel installed.

Cooltek GT-04 Chassis Announced

The front has a fine mesh style design that looks good as well as allowing air to enter the case from the front, cooling the components inside.

Pros and Cons:


  • Nice design.
  • USB 3.0 support.
  • Windowed side-panel.
  • Tool-less drive cages (except the three 3.5″ drive bays at the bottom).
  • Good airflow support.
  • Good price-to-performance ratio.


  • Those red clips inside the case doesn’t work with the all-round color scheme.
  • The square-shaped power buttons do not look so good, anything more decent would’ve been better. (Opinion)


The price of the Cooltek GT-04 for both green & orange aesthetic models is 60 Euros, including Value Added Tax (VAT).

And yeah, HAPPY 2016! 🙂


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