Black Berry is to 'Quit'.
Black Berry have decided to step out of Pakistan’s mobile phone market. Let’s have a look on the inside story that why Black Berry is to ‘Quit’.

Black Berry, the phone making company have said that they won’t operate in Pakistan any longer because of the unacceptable governmental demands.

Well Yes! It’s true that it’s because of the Pakistan’s governments. Phone developers said that the government demanded to monitor all the customer data that includes calls and phone messages.

Looking at the law and order circumstance of the country, this might look reasonable to some of the people since the phone data monitoring helps the governments to have better eyes on any suspicious activity. But this is also true that you can surveil your people every time.

Especially a phone developing company such as Black Berry won’t take that risk given that the company is already in bad financial situation and it can’t afford to lose any more customers. Plus they said that government’s demand of monitoring people’s calls and messages is not just at all.

They have also mentioned that the Federal demand of monitoring public roaming has nothing to do with the security of the people but they have their own benefits in that and they called it something ‘unfettered access’.

If we look at the past then you will know that these has been some disturbance between the telecom authority in Pakistan and the Black Berry. Security reasons were mentioned as a reasons and company was warned to quit their operations in the country which seems to be happening in near future.

Marty Beard COO of Black Berry said that it is against company’s rules to compromise the privacy of our users and we can’t allow that at any cost. Here is what he said.
“Remaining in Pakistan would have meant forfeiting our commitment to protect our users’ privacy. That is a compromise we are not willing to make,”.

However, He also said that it doesn’t feel good to leave this country because it proved to be a great market for them. But circumstances are not good to continue their operations any more at Pakistan.

So let’s see what outcome both sides can get from all this but we will hope that they come to a point where no one loses nothing.

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