Black Berry have decided to continue operating in Pakistan as the government have withdrawn their request to access public data and due to that Black Berry will continue operating in Pakistan.
Black Berry will continue
Yesterday I wrote about news in which it was said that Black Berry had decided to stop their work in Pakistan. It was due to the illegal demands of government of tracking and giving them access to public data. This was obviously denied by Black Berry. As it was against company’s rules to comprise the user data in any circumstance, legal or illegal.

Black Berry have had several problems especially in this region. They faced problems in India, UAE and Saudi Arabia and then finally in Pakistan. Due to these issues they announced that they would quit operations in Pakistan by 30th December.

But now it seems that matters have been resolved. We were hoping that both of the sides would come to a resolution and they did. And it was really good of Pakistan government. Taking steps back from their demand was the best option and they took that. You can’t seriously invade and have access to your public’s privacy in any circumstance.

If you didn’t read the previous article then you should know this. State-run Telecom Company of Pakistan in July had put forward this demand. It was to give them access to user’s privacy by encrypting their calls and SMS.

Black Berry completely refused to give them access to their BES servers. They strictly stated that they won’t ever compromise the privacy of their user. This business is all about trust between users and Company and they can’t risk their reputation.

Before things could get worse, they got normal. And it was because of the wise move of the government of stepping back from their demand. Now it is really good for everyone that Black Berry will continue in operating in Pakistan.

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