Only 1 Percent PCs Can Handle Virtual Reality

Only 1 Percent PCs Can Handle Virtual Reality

Nvidia said that less than 1% PCs in the whole world will be able to run virtual reality technology in 2016. Only 13 million PCs will have enough power to handle Virtual Reality in 2016. The count will rise to 100 million by 2020 which is a target set by the world renowned PC manufacturer, Nvidia.

Users can use virtual reality on their smartphone but they will need High-tech headphones like the Oculus Rift, which is right now only for PCs.

It has been thought that 2016 will be the year in which VR will finally arrive for commercial use for its users. VR headsets can make amazing 3D environment experience for its users. With such 3D experience, users will feel the reality as they are controlling in real time. But due to its increasing popularity, it has yet to get bigger audience.

Facebook’s Oculus and HTC Vive are going to launch their first headsets by spring of 2016.

VR companies will feature their VR headsets on the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2016, which will be in Las Vegas on Monday.


Source: BBC

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