You Can Drive This Mini Car Without License

You Can Drive This Mini Car Without License

If you want to drive a car in France without a license then you are going to be heavily fined or may be jailed too. But that’s no more a problem, you can drive this mini car without license!

Losing one’s license in UK and getting another one is very expensive and need certain procedures to go through with. In France, you just have to be above 14 to drive a little two seat car with no driving experience. This little mini car has only 45km/hr top speed. With such an incredible little top speed you should not bother to prove your driving abilities.

Well, this mini car has air conditioner, reverse camera and amazing sound system which will not bore you. And it only costs 10,000 pounds. This VSP little machine is all yours. It is becoming an important part of the French market.

One more thing you cannot take VSP on Motorways. The main reason is having 45km/hr top speed you cannot drive on super highways.


Source: BBC

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