December Was The Wettest and Warmest Month of 2015

December Was The Wettest and Warmest Month of 2015

December was the largest since 1910 and wettest of any calendar month on records. Average temperature was 4 degree centigrade through out the whole month. The Met Office said that there is a contact between warmth and record stormy rain that bought floods in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Northern side of England.

Storms were derived by the jet streams are blamed to produce rain by man-made climate change and El Nino climate phenomena. Some scientists said that due to climate change there is no normal weather. In UK, 1 degree centigrade temperature rises due to climate change in December. It will take decades to reach a level in which there will be new unusual winter.

However, this unusual December winter had effected the nature. It also effects the way of life. People wore T-shirts in December. Fuel bills has been lowered and there were few winter deaths. Flowers were gloaming in such a strange weather which used to be cold and icy in last decades.

The Met office didn’t thought that this unusual climate will continue through out the month. Extreme rain falls and temperature rises made December 2015 the Warmest and the Wettest month.


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