Trees Can Be Helpful For Farming in UK

Trees Can Be Helpful For Farming in UK

Increasing number of yields in UK fields and growing trees in those lands can help farmers to get rid of emissions and waste.

It has been studied and different strategies are made. According to study, by 2050, cut food waste and meat emission waste can help farmers to reduce its waste by 80%. UK annual greenhouses waste can be reduced up to 9% by using such strategies.

Study suggested that increasing yield can help in freeing up lands which were currently used for growing crops or feeding livestock.

Researchers said that if farmers used free land after yields and grow trees in UK in middle of this century. It would certainly help to get rid of waste produced after yielding by 80% in 1990. Now by such techniques it can be achievable by 2050.

Now the question arises, how an agriculture can be boosted to produce more land sparing?. Well, Land sparing is a technique in which producing more yield can help us to grow on less area with given level of demand.

If farmers take it as their primary goal, then they can free a lot of land for cultivation. The goal is not to have only having a high yielding but to grow more for more cropping as world population is increasing rapidly.

Source: BBC

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