It was a few months ago when world’s biggest operating system software company Microsoft released their new Windows 10. It came up with amazing upgrades and features and within no times enchanted the heart of billions of users. And now in a latest report Microsoft claimed that they have reached a new landmark and now Windows 10 has over 200 million users which is a real landmark.
Windows 10 has over 200 million users
It was reported before in October, a sum of about 110 million Windows 10 users. These numbers are growing and every day and now according to the latest reports it has reached a milestone of 200 million users.

However, Microsoft also said that there are still a lot of challenges concerning Windows 10. They still have to go through the fixes for several bugs and other upgrades and would eventually make Windows 10 perfect use.

Microsoft had set an audacious target of billion users within 3 years but this won’t come easily. They will still have to convince those millions of iOS and Android users to revert their hearts towards the Windows phones, which doesn’t seem as an easy task.

There are number of successes that Microsoft achieved via Windows 10. There have been many problems in the previous version and a good internet browser was of them. In Windows 10 they came up this whole new browser named ‘Microsoft Edge’ which has now according to the statistics of Microsoft office has growing number of users every day. They said that 44.5 billion minutes were spent by the users in the ‘Edge’.

Windows 10 provided users with the all the content using classic shaped start interface in new graphical shape. Since users seemed displeasured with few of the previous models before, that’s Microsoft made a perfect blend of classic and modern style and eventually seem to convince the users with their work.

Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi stated in a blog spot “Overall, we are seeing significantly higher customer satisfaction with Windows 10 than any prior version of Windows”.
However, the beautiful look of Windows 10 has impressed everyone that is reason why Windows 10 has over 200 million users.

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