Yahoo’s Investors Want To Sell Their Shares


Some yahoo share holders are concerned with Yahoo company’s core value can fall, which can be major set back to them. So they want to sell some shares as soon as possible.

The Company’s share holders will not wait for Yahoo to free spin off its tax free to its sites like Yahoo mail, sports and its famous email service.

A major message through a letter to Yahoo by a large share holder was sent and he spoke to the people about business stakes Yahoo is going to do.

Last year Yahoo stock had fallen to 36% which changed the investors’ mind and they would most likely to pay the additional tax rather than holding shares of Yahoo company.

Some share holders feared that they may have to pay high tax bill due to Internet Revenue Service challenge to free tax status. The IRS has killed off Yahoo stakes in Chinese eCommerce AliBaba Group Holding Ltd.

Pressure has grown up on Yahoo management since November. 0.75% of shares on 30 September are owned by Starboard Value LP making it Company’s 23rd largest shareholder. Yahoo is going to abandon their plans to spin off to AliBaba Group Stakes in December. They will spin off their assets including Yahoo Japan to a new company.

This new strategy is also been questioned by the big shareholders of the company. Most of them don’t want to wait for the spin-off and are perusing to sell the business shares.

Yahoo has not commented on this story publicly. Now the problem is Yahoo is not sure about its spin off can meet the tax free criteria. The company may fail to get a tax free ruling this year. They made an appeal in the court for their financial assets which can lower their share value.


Source: Rueters

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