Alzheimer’s Society Started a Campaign

Video by: Alzheimer's Society

“Life doesn’t ends when Alzheimer starts” – this is the message, the Alzheimer Society, a Canadian Society wants every one to remember. It started a social network campaign to make people aware of several diseases and stigma associated with disease. This year, the society launched hashtag campaign #StillHere this Tuesday. Canadians can take part in the hash tag campaign by using the #StillHere hashtag which will help them get information about diseases and families that are affected by those diseases. Alzheimer and dementia diseases are degenerative diseases that attacks the brain. According to the Society 747,000 Canadians are living with brain diseases. The number will likely to increase to 1.4 million by next 15 years.

While many people are affected by the diseases can still contribute to participate to their communities. According to survey made on July 2015 47% of dementia patients can live with the disease. Patients face negative attitudes daily.

Society is determined that dementia disease patients can engage to the world in many meaningful ways. So that they can face positive attitudes from the people.


Source: CTV News

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