Burger King Heating Up the Competition


Burger King is going to raise the stakes by providing cheap fast-food deals ahead of McDonald’s and Wendy’s. The fast food chain said that they will start selling the new cheap deals which includes five items for just $4 on Tuesday. On the other side, McDonald’s is selling McPrick for $4 which has only two items and Wendy’s is selling 4 items for $4.

The newly added items are beacon cheeseburger, small drink, small french fries, warm chocolate chip cookie in their promotion.

Burger King’s haven’t said that when they are going to end their promotion. The fast food has this strategy to attract people to their restaurant and have fun with great taste at an reasonable price.

On Monday, McDonald’s also introduced its new McPrick with 2 promotions in which customers are allowed to choose between the following items that are McChicken, McDouble, mozzarella sticks and french fries for $2.


Source: CNBC

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