Qualcomm Chips In Cars For Deep Learning

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Cars are becoming more like a smartphone. Qualcomm chip technology is going to be introduced in cars for better technology advancements. On Tuesday 2016 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in San Deigo, Calif-chip based chip makers announced that Snapdragon 820A will be used in automobiles. This type of chipset is already been used in latest smartphones.

The chipset Snapdragon 820A will all its customs including 64-bit Kyro CPU, Adreno 530 GPU and Hexagon 680 DSP which is powerful enough to provide 4K graphics to car system. Most importantly, Qualcomm chipset will help in Qualcomm learning algorithm known as Zeroth. Qualcomm has shown that how Zeroth responds to different gestures and objects like people and animals. If it is added into the sensor and cameras of automobiles, it can provide image recognition which will reduce fatal accidents in future.

Now if you want to know about the internet speed of the Qualcomm’s Chipset technology, it will give you a downloading speed of 600 megabytes per second and 150 megabytes per second of uploading speed. Nowadays cars have new chips that provide WiFi hotspot.

Qualcomm has finally anounced in CES 2016 that their first customer is Audi, which will start making Snapdragon Chips 602A in their cars in 2017 models.

Qualcomm is very consistent with their new strategy which already made wonders in mobile industry and now they’re seeking opportunities in the automobile industry.

Qualcomm is already providing its chips in drones and cameras. Qualcomm is also facing competitors like Nvidia who had just announced their new chipset, the Drive PX2 for self-driving cars. The lunch box sized of super computer have 12 cores and capable of doing terabytes of computing power. Nvidia has already powered its SOCs in Tegra series for Tesla Model S.

Qualcomm chips are working in cars for many years.  There are around 20 million cars that are using LTE modems of Qualcomm. The Qualcomm new algorithm software Zeroth cannot keep up with the power of Nvidia lunch-boxed size supercomputer. Qualcomm  has succeeded in mobile world but the car world is different.

Source: FORBES

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