Why am I depressed?

People often face such events which impacts negatively on his/her happy life and most of the time, their mood swings towards a point which is very pitiful and miserable. This point is known as depression and almost every person in the world at some point become depressed, this was just considered as prolonged bad mood or someone’s bad way of looking his/her life but the reality and science behind it is quite different.

Depression science

Chemical imbalance – Depression Science:

According to our ancient Greek geniuses depression was the result of imbalanced fluids in the body, more specifically in blood, yellow or black bile. This explanation was bit rational and scientific but later on, modern studies have proved depression as a disease, which is as dangerous like other harmful diseases and In a moment you will know why. Scientists firstly claimed that low level of serotonin which is a neurotransmitter that plays an active role in promoting the feeling of happiness. As a test, they diagnosed depression patients and gave them medicine full of serotonin and somehow the problem of depression within them was resolved and most of the patients felt happy. But later on, there was something more to it going around deep in the brain section called as the hippocampus, this section of brain shaped like a seahorse is responsible for controlling our memory and emotions.

Smaller Hippocampus more Depression:

Scientists observed that patients suffering from depression had smaller hippocampus and those who were a victim of depression for a long period of time had an, even more, shrunken hippocampus. This limited the function of their brain and it was extremely unhealthy factor. By some medicine and stimulating the growth of hippocampus among the depression patients simply resolved the problem and they became healthier and happier than ever before. Depression is a disease which have its root in genetics also this problem can be transmitted from parents to offspring, it is observed people having shorter genes of serotonin are more likely to get depressed from certain events of lives and prolong depression forces them to suicide or do some other harm to themselves and the environment.

Depression cure:

Depression is also a disease but most of the time people never care to cure it by proper medication and therapies which prove to be dangerous, so I advise you, next time you get depressed, just take a deep breath and try to nullify it, trust me everything will go right.

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